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The TRAP of Self-Development and Business Development.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The big TRAP of self-development-driven go-getters.

They realize what it is they WANT, then realize they can actually make it a REALITY….and then they want to DO IT ALL, NOW.

While this is great because it’ll cause accelerated growth (to be a better parent, have a thriving/soulful business, have an amazing relationship, have a 6-pack, and be healthy, etc)..

…the TRAP is that our mouths tend to want to take it all in and expect to swallow every drop of opportunity WITHOUT CHOKING on it.

Know what I mean?

Then the real PAIN sets in as we realize that we haven’t achieved the goals we were so enthused about (usually in less than a year lol).

We start telling ourselves we suck. To make the dagger dig deeper, our peers and others who DON’T GET IT, start asking for results (usually the fruit of any work that shows up after a long period of time).

Now you’re a “failure”.

But Alas! There’s a better solution!

If you want to avoid any of this suffering and non-sense from proving to others that you are a success and then really achieve deep, powerful, LIFE-LONG results of ANY mission, you MUST recognize that the results will be achieved ONE STEP AT A TIME.


Think about this:

…when you watch a child learn to walk, he has to go through multiple stages to get the big outcome. He’s gotta learn to turn, crawl, sit, stand, cruise, and THEN…BOOM, he’s walking!

Though to outsiders it appears he learned to walk right away, without constant, daily effort.

Imagine if babies gave up and called themselves lazy assholes for not successfully walking after making their first roll from back to belly.

Ridiculous, right?

In summary, I’ll throw in a good cliche, that has become an integral part of my personal journey and is more meaningful than ever right now:


We are not robots. We are complex individuals. If we want growth, we must accept ourselves the way we are RIGHT NOW, that this situation is just a stage in the big picture. The journey is all we have right NOW, as the past is gone and the future doesn’t exist.

Another little thing to keep in mind…the Universe ALWAYS got your back.

With love,


PS: this took me 3 years to realize and FEEL the truth of, but the result will last for the next 50-60 years (or whenever I croke).

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